Production department

(film, photo, sound for audio, visual and television media)

Today, the unique role of audio-visual media such as television, satellite networks, home television network, virtual space, etc., reminds us more and more of the necessity and importance of presenting attractive advertising ideas. Utilizing the power and skill of expert forces, along with modern facilities and technologies, can turn any attractive idea into an impressive and lasting work.

With the benefit of artistic and experienced experts, as well as having well-equipped imaging and photography studios as well as advanced cameras, Ogen Graphic Group will accompany you in the preparation of your promotional film or photo.

Production department services (film, photo, sound)

  • Preparation and production of all kinds of advertisements and TV teasers (real, animated and combined)
  • Preparation and production of promotional short films
  • Preparation and production of industrial films, advertisement reports, introduction films of organizations and industries
  • Preparation and production of television programs
  • Advertising filming of factories (production line, outdoor space, heli shot)
  • Preparation and production of video reports with different purposes (project progress, employer monitoring, etc.)
  • Panoramic photography: 180 degrees or 360 degrees
  • Photography: Industrial products and spaces, decorative photography, figurative photography
  • Concept design and space creation and arrangement for decorative photos of different products


In addition to different fields of advertising and having a production and design department, Ogen Group is also active in the field of respi and podcast production.