The volume and advertising copy of different brands

1- About the size and copy of advertising:

out door advertising, means advertising outside the home and is actually the same as urban advertising.

According to a research conducted by an American company, 66% of smartphone users check the product after encountering an advertisement in the form of outdoor advertising.
Additionally, 77% of those who interact with an outdoor ad and they visit to go on to make a purchase.

2- The purpose of the structure, volume and advertising copy:

The purpose of advertising copy and volume like other advertising methods, is to identify products, services and brands to customers.
But the use of volume and advertising mockup has a major difference from other methods and that is the advertising mockup has the name of the product engraved in the mind before the customer makes a purchase.
Ojan Art Nomad company operates in various fields of advertising, which is one of these cases. In fact, the volume of advertising is a complete statement of the identity of a brand.
At present, big brands such as Shir Pak, Nan Senan, Kopa Biscuits, Jumaneh Biscuits and Elite products for the production of advertising volume with Ojan Hanar Nomad company. They are cooperating. Also, in addition to the production of advertising volume and advertising replicas, Ogen company also operates in the field of making teasers and launching advertising campaigns.

Other advertising methods:

In Ojan Art Nomad company, in addition to making advertising volumes and mockups , we also work in the fields of making teasers, making billboards, cooking recipes, producing decorative and corporate flowers, and producing podcasts on Radio commerce and WikiPaz sites.