Food is an integral part of the culture of our Iranian people. The joy of family and friendly visits and endless memories. From the claims of cooking to the banquet of famous restaurants and eateries. WikiPaz is a place for learning, a platform for memories and a possibility for history. Each episode of the WikiPaz podcast is dedicated to one food, and this food is an excuse to explore different cultural and historical areas of the people of Iran and other countries of the world.

The owner and licensee of the podcast:

ojan Advertising Center (Reza Mikayilzadeh)

Podcast Manager: Ramyar Manuchehrzadeh

Writer and Director: Turquoise gem

Food text author: Mona Ghaffari
Speakers: Reza Mikayelzadeh and Nilofar Karanizadeh

Research team: Negin Firouzi, Amir Bahadur Bayat, Mohsen Abbasi, Morsad Momen, Dena Montazer
Editing: Farzaneh Rezaee

Visual identity: Daftar Studio (managed by Majid Kashani)

Podcast Music: Mohammad Barzideh and Aydin Anzabipour

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Virtual space support: Mohammad Ghazali Fard

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