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In an era where marketing methods are constantly evolving and changing, the Roban gol Collection has introduced a floral service for innovative companies and organizations. This approach aims to achieve two objectives:

Brand Awareness

Imagine having a decorative vase filled with fresh, vibrant flowers in attractive colors, adorned with your organization’s logo, along with a postcard containing a thoughtful message from your brand. This floral arrangement is placed on the desks of your executives and recipients on a rotating basis every week. Throughout the week, this gift will catch the attention of your customers and even those who visit them, indirectly but purposefully increasing awareness of your brand.

Customer Engagement

Our experienced professionals will present the flower arrangement with utmost respect and in a manner befitting a reputable brand. This weekly gesture will serve as a bridge for ongoing communication with your customers, accompanied by a harmonious rhythm. At the beginning of each week, we will remind our customers that you are respectfully and generously. We will remind your customers at the beginning of each week that you are on their side with respect and generosity.

Below we describe how this process works.

we will describe the process and details of this approach. The Roban gol Collection offers flower subscription services to individuals and entities. In this service, esteemed sponsors can choose and order one of the flower subscription packages to have a weekly delivery of fresh flower bouquets. Each bouquet includes a vase adorned with the sponsor’s logo, along with a personalized postcard addressed to the recipient.

 The project executor, Roban gol , introduces an official representative to provide this VIP service to the esteemed sponsor. This executor can also present themselves as one of the sponsor’s employees  and establish communication with customers and recipients to ensure and safeguard the sponsor’s interests. During service delivery, the executor occasionally engages with the flowers and plants, assessing their health and vitality to take appropriate action in line with the sponsor’s interests when necessary.

 After each week’s flower delivery, the previous week’s flowers are either combined with the new ones or replaced entirely. At the end of the day or after the flowers have been sent and delivered, a report on the performance and feedback from the flower recipients, along with a detailed description, will be sent to the esteemed sponsor.

These services will be carried out on a weekly and regular basis. Flowers and Plants Used

Flowers and plants used:

mainly consist of branch flowers such as gerbera , alstroemeria, roses, miniature daffodils, sunflowers, lilies, and occasionally accompanied by sword lilies (Dersina) or saffron flowers. During times when branch flowers are not of suitable quality, we use small potted plants. These pots are also adorned with the logo of the esteemed sponsor.

Flower Vases:

The flower vases are made of engraved glass with the logo of the esteemed sponsor. They are replaced on a weekly basis and may vary in design and species depending on availability. However, the flower vases are divided into two main categories based on their volume and size:

Medium vases: Usually, a complete bouquet fits in these vases.

Small vases: We usually put half the size of medium sized flower pots in these pots.