Design and production of advertising volumes

A number of samples of the volumes and tones made

think room

According to the order of one of the respected brands and using the strategic products of this company, a mockup and advertising volume suitable for display in the 22nd sweet and chocolate exhibition is designed and produced.


In this part, the map and initial designs were printed and examined.

According to the results of the think room and customer needs assessment, it was built to make the following products several times bigger.

Implementation and production

After the finalization of the design, one month of time was spent on the production and preparation of the replicas. The unique feature of the designs and production of these replicas is the observance of the size and color type and the production technology of these volumes. 

Design, manufacture and production of large-sized, high-quality advertising mock-ups in Ojan Art Nomad company… Making a replica for the Pak company, Making a replica for C-Sam Company, Making a replica of a bus station for Se Nan food industry. Making a model for Derna food industry, Making a model for Jumaneh food industry etc…

The duration of creating the advertising volume is different and it can vary depending on the dimensions of the desired volume. In Ojen Art Company, in addition to making replicas and advertising volumes, we also do activities such as making teasers and making billboards and advertising campaigns.

In addition to the above, ojan advertising company has also produced podcasts, which are examples of Radiocommerce and WikiPaz sites.