Design and manufacture of advertising dolls

think room

According to the order of the esteemed Kopa brand, it was designed and produced using one of the company’s strategic products to design and produce a suit suitable for the 22nd International Exhibition of Sweets and Chocolates.


According to the results, a think tank was established to design dolls and costumes using the combination of cartoon characters and the products of the respected Kopa brand.


In this part, the map and initial designs were printed and examined.

Implementation and production

After the finalization of the design, one month of time was spent on the production and preparation of dolls and bodysuits, the unique feature in the design and production of these types of bodysuits was to observe the feature of vision error at the position of the puppeteer, which It led to more attractive characters and dolls. Height of dolls: Minion cartoon character height
نمایشگاه و رویداد ها
Designing and making advertising dolls in Tehran International Exhibition
Designing and making advertising dolls Guerilla marketing and the use of volume and advertising mockups in various exhibitions can be one of the most effective advertising methods. Therefore, ojan advertising agency uses all its facilities to meet the needs of its customers and achieve their marketing goals, so that these goals can be achieved with the best quality and in the fastest time. One of these services is the design and production of advertising dolls and costumes, which were designed and produced with the best quality of raw materials with creativity for food brands at the 1402 International Exhibition of Sweets and Chocolates.