Environmental advertising

Designing and printing advertising billboards in Tehran province and cities by Ojan advertising center

Department of environmental media, advertising at the point of sale and advertising theater

Cities and roads are a medium in themselves, large, attractive and of course complex media that often get caught up in our daily life and remain forgotten due to their availability.

If the talent of the urban and interurban space is used correctly and in compliance with the appropriate principles and rules, as an important media in the context of advertising, it is possible to turn the urban context into a beautiful and popular showcase for displaying brands and introducing goods and services to It turned millions of searching eyes.

Theater, this attractive, intimate and influential art, if it is presented as a new media with the correct advertising approach and strategy, can leave a lasting and loving memory of the product in the mind of the audience. An audience that can even be a guest actor of this advertising theater.

Advertisements at the point of sale

Advertisements at the point of sale include signs, sunshades and mesh behind the glass of the stores, which are displayed below some examples

Designing, printing and implementing environmental advertisements of Sa Nan

Designing, printing and execution of Rogin's environmental advertisements

Ojan Graphic Advertising Center, with good communications and facilities on the one hand and proper knowledge and understanding of the city’s media and environmental advertising and a brilliant record in performing advertising theater on the other hand, can be a valuable agent in the eyes of citizens, socializing and traveling. be their everyday.