ojne's studio and think room

Innovative thinking and creative thinking, relying on the accurate sociology and psychology of the society and a glance at the effective experiences of the past, will be the best way to step in the direction of providing new and constructive solutions in the field of advertising and branding.

The thinking room and ideation department of Eugene Graphic Center aims to leave a lasting and enjoyable memory in the minds of the audience by creating and proposing fresh and new ideas. A sweet, meaningful and expressive memory in a suitable media platform and suitable for the society of the audience and the requirements of the time.

Services of the think tank department

  • Creating the main and fundamental ideas and the central advertising policy based on the general policy of the employer
  • Suggesting macro marketing and advertising strategies
  • Creating brand identity and character and proposing a brand name
  • Monitoring and ensuring the comprehensive implementation of company rules and guidelines (brand manual) in marketing and advertising
  • Assisting in the preparation of advertising campaigns, required marketing elements and sales promotion elements (such as brochure catalogs and authorized advertising tools)
  • Creating and offering advertising content in various media platforms
  • Writing scenarios for promotional films and teasers to be presented in visual and verbal media


Ojan Group offers many services in the field of advertising, which can be used to create teasers, advertising campaigns, billboard design, and volume production. …yaghati-nodalit- advertising copy pointed out. In addition to the above services, you can create podcasts and cooking recipes Trust us