The biggest advertising campaigns in the world

Of course, there are many proud advertising campaigns. Here are 20 examples of the biggest and best advertising campaigns

• brand: Coca Cola
• Description: Printing personal names on bottles to increase interaction with customers.
2. “Just Do It” campaign:
• brand: nike
• Description: A simple sentence that helped Nike become one of the most famous brands in the world.
3. “Think Different” campaign (if you think differently):
• brand: apple
• Description: Apple ads became famous for emphasizing creative and divergent thinking.
4. “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign:
• brand: oud
• Description: Humorous Od commercials featuring a TV actor.
5. “Dumb Ways to Die” campaign:
• brand: Melbourne Municipality
• Description: Australian subway safety awareness campaign.
6. “Real Beauty” campaign:
• brand: dewo
• Description: Promoting awareness of the true beauty of women and diversity in beauty standards.
7. “Share the Load” campaign:
• brand: ariel
• Description: Advertisements to promote gender equality and division of household responsibilities.
8. “Pepsi Challenge” campaign:
• brand: pepsi
• Description: holding the Pepsi and Coca-Cola taste difference challenge.
9. “Like a Girl” campaign:
• brand: Always
• Description: Promoting positive ideals about the phrase “like a girl” and combating sexism.
10. “The Best Job in the World” campaign:
• brand: Tourism Queensland
• Description: Advertising to attract labor in the field of tourism.
11. “The Big Mac Index” campaign:
• brand: McDonald’s
• Description: Using the BigMac index to show the difference in prices in the world.
12. “The Ice Bucket Challenge” campaign:
• brand: For the people’s power
• Description: This challenge was created to attract attention and collect funds to fight Alzheimer’s disease.
13. “Old Spice” campaign: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” (Oud Spice: A man your man could smell:
• brand: oud spice
• Description: Attractive commercials with funny actors.
14. “Red Bull Stratos” campaign:
• brand: redball
• Description: The project of launching a parakeet from a height of 39 km with live advertisements.
15. “Got Milk?” campaign (don’t you have milk?):
• brand: Lion of America
• Description: Simple advertising using a famous icon to promote milk consumption.
16. “Fearless Girl” campaign:
• brand: State Street Global Advisors
• Description: Installation of a sculpture in front of the Balazor Tour image at the New York Crown to promote the role of women in financial management.
17. “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign:
• brand: snikers
• Description: Serial advertisements featuring famous actors.
18. The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty:
• brand: dav
• Description: Advertisements aimed at changing society’s beauty standards.
19. “Brewed the Hard Way” campaign:
• brand: Bir Kuer
• Description: Bold advertising to promote American beer.
20. “The Google Search Appliance Is Going Out of Sale” campaign (warning: Google search device is no longer for sale):
• brand: google
• Description: Using funny stereotypes to communicate the discontinuation of a product.