History of advertising in Iran

The history of advertising in Iran goes back to different historical eras and has experienced various changes over time. Here, a summary of the history of advertising in Iran will be discussed.

Ancient periods:

Ancient patterns and inscriptions were considered as one of the first forms of advertising in Iran. These motifs on boards, stones or other products performed advertising roles, especially in the field of trade and services.

Ilkhani and Timurid period:

• Engraved roles: During the Ilkhanid and Timurian periods, engraved patterns on tiles, terracotta, and buildings were used as one of the advertising tools. These motifs reflected commercial, religious or cultural motifs

Safavid period:

• Sermon writing and advertising in markets: During the Safavid period, it was common to use khutba writing and information in markets and mosques to advertise and promote various issues to the people.

Qajar dynasty :

• Advertising in publications: With the emergence of press publications in the Qajar era, advertisements in these media were done in different ways. Advertisements in Persian and Arabic were used as one of the means of information and advertising on the pages of publications.

Pahlavi period:

• Development of advertising in new media: During the Pahlavi era, with the development of new media such as radio and television, advertising reached a new level. Advertisements in audio and video media developed in different and specialized ways.

Islamic Revolution period:

Advertising in Islamic media: After the Islamic revolution, advertising in Islamic media reached a new point in accordance with religious values ​​and principles. Advertisements were carried out with an emphasis on revolutionary, religious and national values.

Today's course:

Development of digital advertising: With the advancement of technology, digital advertising has also expanded, and tools such as social media ads, Google ads, and video ads are used as the main advertising tools.
In general, the history of advertising in Iran represents sweeping changes in culture, technology, and society, which have had a direct impact on the form and image of advertising in this land.