Advertising campaigns

Every day and around us, a sea of ​​advertising messages, with different purposes, are formed, which we knowingly or unknowingly float in and are influenced by its contents and messages. The integrity and concentration of a brand in expressing a specific message, in a specific period of time, with different and advertising media, these days are common methods of attracting the audience and increasing their awareness, which are called an advertising campaign.

A basic advertising campaign is a set of multi-faceted but integrated advertising activities based on the brand’s identity and ideology, in which the target message of the campaign is specified the target audience is correctly determined and the appropriate media to present the message are carefully selected. And with careful planning try to send the right message to the right audience in the right period of time with the right budget and encourage more audiences to get closer to the campaign owner.

Ojan Graphic Group has always aimed to propose a message that fits the desired goals of the brand in the context of suitable advertising media based on a detailed understanding of the current situation and analysis of the brand’s position and by designing and monitoring the correct implementation of the campaign, it will make you To achieve the best possible result, which is the understanding of the brand message by the audience and to attract the opinion.

Advertising campaigns department services

  • Designing, compiling and planning campaigns based on integrated marketing communications for new product launches, re-viral of existing products, or expressing and reminding of a social responsibility.
  • Designing and implementing 360-degree campaigns (environmental, field, radio, television and virtual)
  • Choosing the right media for the campaign and budgeting the campaign
  • Choosing the most suitable release time and length of the campaign
  • Monitoring the correct implementation of the campaign and evaluating it in order to increase the efficiency of the advertising cost
  • Buying media and services
  • Design services for large structures